Many educational establishments in the developing world are in need of qualified trainers and educators to help them develop their curriculum and plan a route towards a better future for their children and young people.   From primary and secondary schools to colleges and skills centres, all are in need of those who have time and expertise that they can offer to help.

Make Teaching your Mission:
You as a teacher/trainer are blessed to have the skills and education that you have.   There are many in the developing world who would benefit greatly if you were able to share what you have with them.  Many people make it their mission in life to become rich or famous, but since their sights are set on things that are out of reach, they fail to achieve what they want to do.   Making teaching those who are desperate for a good education your mission in life will bring about a life changing opportunity to many in the developing world.

How can I help?
You may be able to give some time to help, a few weeks or a longer period, to visit a rural school and help them plan their curriculum as well as provide some basic training to teachers and school staff on how best to develop the overall work of the school.

Limited facilities:
Facilities in developing communities are often extremely limited and so those who would like to become involved in helping develop a class, a school or staff should be ready to make use of what is locally available.   Many developing countries government education departments provide a box of chalk and little more for government school which provide so called 'free' education.   Churches and other community groups also provide education, charging fees for the school places to pay teachers and provide materials.   Few of these schools are able to provide what is needed and so children face an education which has many limitations.   Computers are seen as a luxury item, and where a computer is available, it may be extremely old and is likely to be shared amongst hundreds of pupils.
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if you would like more information on how to get involved!   

Who can get involved?
You may be a primary or secondary school teacher and have a few weeks holidays which can be used to spend time in a school serving a community in great need.   Your skills would really benefit everyone there.   You may be a retired teacher, lecturer or someone with skills in a trade which you would be happy to pass on.   You too would be welcomed with open arms.

Medical, dental, ophthalmic and midwifery skills are also required, to see more on this please visit our www.missionmedics.org web pages.