Donate OnlineSetting up small businesses for the poor:
Mission International is planning to develop a Micro-Finance operation which will bring much needed funding to
enterprising small businesses in the developing world.   The funds raised will be used to help business men and women to finance the set up or development of their small business thus supporting themselves, their families and bringing hope and support to their communities.
Up until now Mission International has given grants to needy individuals to help them set up a small business.   The micro-finance route helps us to continue the work of supporting the poor but provides a way of reusing the funding over and over again.   
This IS "the gift that just keeps on giving".

Investment opportunities:
It is envisaged that anyone interested in making a donation to help get this project off the ground should be willing to invest £300 - £10,000.   These funds will be used to get the first businesses up and running and after time will be re-invested into more businesses as the small loans are repaid.

Smaller donations from a number of donors in your church or community group can provide the minimum amount.   Please consider how you can find new ways of helping the poor in this way.   You may even like to consider setting up an 'Ambassadors for the Poor' group in your area.

Local Empowerment:
Local management groups will be set up with members in the local community empowered to manage the loan agreements and the repayments as well as develop the programme for their community within the overall guidelines of the project.

Mission International has projects and partners in a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America all of whom require funding for micro-finance opportunities within their communities.   We hope to begin by developing a micro-finance project with at least one partner soon.   We will post information on the progress of that here.   To find out further details on our projects please click here.

What kind of project?
Really any kind of project that will make a profit for the people concerned.   To date Mission International has supported small shops, bee hive/honey production, sewing machine/tailoring, goats, cows, chicken/eggs production, agricultural projects too.   In the main those we have supported already know how to make the project work, all they need is some capital to get going.   The small shop in the picture below brings in around 40% of the family's income, this project had an initial input of £1000.

Donors interested in talking to us about potentially supporting this venture should email us on mail@mission-international.org Alternatively call us on +44(0)7982250514

Donation Form:
A Micro-Finance donation form which should accompany your donation is attached below.

Rice production Kisumu, Kenya:

The pictures show (top left) rice growing near Kisumu,  (bottom left) a team harvesting rice, (top right) threshing rice 

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