Mission Medics Projects

Nyembuye Maternity Unit:
Mission International is currently fundraising for the construction and equipping of a maternity unit to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the environs of Nyembuye a very rural village about 25 km from Rutana in the Matana province of Burundi.   Currently a medical centre clinic stands on the site and this is a very welcome improvement to the village, however many women who have difficulty surrounding the birth of their children are put at great risk by having to travel to Rutana, often through the bush on a stretcher often resulting in either the death of the mother, the baby or both.

The proposed maternity unit will provide accommodation, staff and resources to make sure those women and babies who are at risk receive the kind of support and pre/peri/post natal and medical care that they need.

Nyembuye has become home for many refugee returnees who are coming back to Burundi after the long years of civil unrest and war which has seen Burundi become one of the world's poorest countries.

It is envisaged that this new facility will cost in the region of £50,000 to construct and resource not including staffing.

Please consider supporting the fundraising effort by raising funds in your local area.

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Hope Centre Clinic:

The Hope Centre is a project supporting needy and orphaned children who require help after Burundi's long years of conflict.   The Hope Centre is situated in Mutimbuzi a densely populated area of Gatumba adjacent to Lake Tanganyika.   The community is predominantly made up of refugee returnees who have come back to Burundi after the war which has recently come to an end.   This extremely poor community has few resources and so Mission International has plans to develop, alongside the Hope Centre, a medical centre/clinic as well as other community development projects which will allow this busy community get back on to its feet again.   The clinic will provide much needed medical care as well as a source such as medicines and specialist services likely to meet the needs of the local community.   It is also hoped that some of the services provided at the clinic will be of interest to clients out-with the local community and as such will provide a needed funding source for the clinic.

Refugee returnees arrive in Burundi with what they can carry on their heads and so their opportunities are very limited.   The introduction of services and support projects will go a long way to help these poor yet resourceful people to get their lives back on track while making sure that medical and other services are made available to them.