Get Involved

Get Involved:

How can I help?
  • Go!  Please consider prayerfully becoming part of a Mission Medics team. Your application will be taken seriously no matter your level of experience.
  • Pray!   We are continually increasing our prayer support and backing for Mission Medics teams. Please pray for us regularly throughout the year.
  • Give!  Our Mission Medics teams endeavour to provide medicines and equipment for centres within the developing world where resources are extremely limited. Financial support of our teams is very welcome.
  • Offer advice/support!  You may have skills that you can pass on, experience you can offer and support you can provide. If so we would love to hear from you.
  • Training:  Our team members may require elements of training to prepare them in advance for their team experience. Advice can be given on this by contacting us in advance of the application process.
Become part of a Mission Medics team:
We would encourage you to consider becoming part of a team which will make a lasting difference to many lives in a needy community in the developing world.
  • Medics:
    • GPs, surgeons, anesthetists, plastic surgeons etc.
  • Medical Students:
    • Those seeking experience of tropical medicine and those wishing to take part in a medical elective.
  • Midwives:
    • Qualified, experienced and trainee midwives and those able to offer training and supervision as well as provide community health information and training.
  • Dentists:
    • Dental surgeons, including those who can provide advanced and specialist treatments and dental students seeking experience or a dental elective.
  • Hygienists:
    • Dental hygienists, including those who can provide local dental health training.
  • Community Health Professionals:
    • Those professionals who can provide training to needy communities, in particular who can offer training to their local colleagues in the developing world.
  • Nurses:
    • Experienced and professional nursing staff who can also provide training to local nursing and care staff, as well as health care training to local communities.
  • Auxilliaries:
    • Trained professionals who are willing to be part of a team by which high standards of care and hygiene can be provided to needy communities.
  • Laboratory Personnel:
    • Professionals and expereinced personnel who can handle all levels of laboratory services and who can provide training and support to local personnel.
  • Trainers:
    • Professionals who can deliver specialist training to local staff and who can support medical and dental professionals in delivering their training elemnt.
  • Technicians:
    • Professionals who can make sure that equipment is kept in good working order and who can set up and dismantle necessary equipment and technology.
  • Support Staff:
    • Experience medical support staff as well as those who may have no formal medical training but who are willing to provide support assistance to streamline the work of medical and dental personnel.

Who can join a Mission Medics team?
The name Mission Medics gives a clue to the priorities of our teams. Mission is central and this is followed in importance by the practice of medicine and dental support for the poor. It is hoped that Mission Medics teams will involve a range of non-medical/dental personnel who will bring their skills and unique input to the team. There may also be those who are not Christian who would like to become involved too. Mission Medics is happy that those who do not have a Christian faith become part of the teams, however we would expect any who are not Christian to be sympathetic to the core values of the teams and accept that there may be areas where they may not be fully involved, such as preaching the Gospel.

    Rural, tropical medicine – Burundi

  • Preaching – a part of the remedy

  • Dental services up country.

Hugh Henderson,
27 Sep 2011, 11:35
Hugh Henderson,
27 Sep 2011, 11:35