Mission Liberia exists to organize and conduct short-term mission trip for long-term impact. Mission Liberia is the method or means; the message is biblical integrity through the heart-changing power of Jesus Christ. We call it Integrity Liberia, and we weave this message through everything that Mission Liberia does. The message of Integrity Liberia is intended to enlist and inspire a generation of Liberian leaders who will conquer the culture of corruption with the power of biblical integrity.

Annual Mission Trip

Every year we enlist Christians who want to visit Liberia and do charitable work there for about two weeks. The next mission trip will be the second & third weeks of June. Each Mission Liberia trip has four components, each of which is a vehicle through which we channel the compassion of Jesus Christ as the bridge for sharing the gospel with the lost and needy.

  1. Church Services & Media Outreach. (a) The main task of Mission Liberia is the Great Commission, which includes evangelism & soul winning, discipleship, revival services, and church planting that is intended to plant at least one church in each of Liberia's counties. (b) We lead Bible-based seminars on preaching, marriage & family, health & wellness, finance & economics, all presented with the message of biblical integrity at the core. (c) We intend to spread the message of integrity via publications, on the radio, and in print media as the Lord grants us access.
  2. Humanitarian Service. (a) When a nurse or doctor goes on the mission trip, we organize a free medical clinic to serve the sick poor. (b) We partner with people who reach out to poor children especially to teach those children the Bible. (c) We are open to other humanitarian services as the Lord shall lead us.
  3. Education Support. (a) We sponsor orphans and other needy Liberian students in school so they can get quality, integrity-based education to help their families climb out of poverty and their nation develop. (b) We partner with others whose mission is to provide Liberian students with quality education.
  4. Youth Sports Outreach. We conduct sports tournaments (football/soccer, kickball, basketball & volleyball) among students. During each tournament we and our Liberian partners befriend the players and spectators to share with them the message of biblical integrity, which is possible through faith in Jesus Christ as the only one who can empower people to be and do right.
  5. Business & Income Generation. We want to take business people on each mission trip so they can explore ways to do profitable business in Liberia that will contribute to the Liberians' quality of life. We stress the need to do business with integrity, without paying bribes. We also strive to enlighten, encourage and empower Liberians to make use of available and affordable business opportunities to generate income. Business opportunities in Liberia include agriculture, cheap electricity from biomass or solar energy, real estate development, and other ventures.
If you would like to go on one of our yearly mission trips to Liberia, email MissionLiberia@gmail.com.