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Detailed Road Map of City of Dundee
Detailed Road Map of City of Dundee

New office space for Mission International: 
Swan Building, Off Explorer Road, Dundee Technology Park. More news when we move in.

Do you know Africa? (Geography Game)

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Think Training!
Can you help train trainers in the developing world?

Your skills and expertise will help needy people, families and communities develop their skills and make it possible for them to see their businesses and opportunities grow. 

Please consider being part of a team of 'trainers for trainers' who will provide new and innovative ideas to our developing world partners.

A presentation by a Mission team member

Bibles for refugees required!
Our Congolese partners are in need of support to help them develop the church in the refugee camp in SW Uganda, where they now reside due to war in Congo.   If you can help please visit our 'Make a Donation' page or go directly to our page.   Bibles cost £8.50 each.

Basic house for Malawi Pastor:

Pastor Elton and his family were devastated as storms and heavy rain destroyed their home (top image) in S. Malawi, meaning that he and his family were forced to sleep in the church building.  They approached Mission International for help and at the time of their request there were no funds to help them, however a donation of around £1000 came in specifically for this project and we were able to help fund the construction of a simple, new home for this hard working pastor.   At the same time the crops which he had planted were destroyed and so the grant was able to assist him in replanting his crops once again.  To sponsor a needy pastor like pastor Elton please visit the Pastor Sponsorship on our Global Sponsor pages here.


Hugh Henderson,
11 Jun 2012, 03:17