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Welcome to Mission International!   We hope that you enjoy your visit to our web page
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Service based on need:
Mission International is founded on Christian principles and so we work with people based on their need.   A person's ethnic origin, colour or creed does not alter our desire to help them in their time of need.   
You are key to our success!
Mission International depends on the generosity of our donors in the UK to make our work, amongst some of the world's poorest people, possible.  Your generosity makes a huge differ
ence in their lives and for that we, and they, are very grateful.

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Our Mission:
Our mission is to improve the material and spiritual lives of communities worldwide through the provision of training, education and sustainable projects, designed specifically for the communities involved.

Using this site:
Please use the options on the left sidebar or the tabs above to browse this site (and the whole family of Mission International sites and blogs) returning to the 'Mission International Home Page' to find the main choices once again.

Thank you for joining us in 
the work of Mission International!
4X4 Vehicles required!
Mission International would welcome donations of roadworthy 4X4 vehicles. Our partners and our mission teams all require vehicles to reach their often remote and inaccessibly communities.   In the dry season maram (earth) roads are often deeply rutted and difficult to negotiate, and in the wet season these are the only vehicles that can deal with the extremely difficult conditions.   Your donation of a 4X4 will allow our personnel to be involved in remote communities in times when it is impossible to travel otherwise.

Areas of service:
Currently Mission International serves in various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana
  • DR Congo
  • India
  • Pakistan
Latin America:
  • Haiti

More information:
To find out information on our work in the developing world and how you can become involved there or here at home please browse the pages on the left sidebar and horizontal tabs at the top of the page, or have a look at the following:

Should you wish to make a comment or get in touch about anything relating to Mission International then please contact us on mail@mission-international.org

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Mission International is a charity run on Christian values and principles,
A charity registered in Scotland UK, registered charity number SC038645
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