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This picture shows the 'car park' at a local event in Burundi.   The piles of bicycles give an indication of how central the bicycle is to the transport system in Africa.

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The luxury of transport:
Most people in the developing 
world do not have the luxury of travelling by car, or even by bus or train.   Transport is costly and only essential travel over long distances is taken by vehicle.   Most people travel on foot and sometimes due to lack of funds they walk for many miles each day to carry water or food or even get to and from school.

The bicycle is probably the most widely used form of transport.   It can become a taxi, a load-lugger or a private means of getting around.   Even bicycles however costing between £50 and £150 are far beyond the poorest in many communities.  With an average 
monthly income of £20 - £100 a bicycle is way out of the reach of the average family.

We need your help!
Mission International can, with your help, pr
ovide a simple means of transport, a bicycle to a needy family allowing them to get their produce to market, their seeds, plants and tools to their shambas and perhaps their family no hospital shortening the time too taken to achieve most basic transport requirements.   A bicycle is a real lifeline to a needy rural family and community.

The picture on the right shows the 'taxi' drivers take the opportunity of a tow uphill behind a petrol tanker saving them the long heavy push back to the top.

Make your donation count!
A donation of £50-£150 depending on model, location and availability can provide a bicycle, changing the lives of a whole community.  To support Mission International as we endeavour to change communities around the world please visit our 'Make a donation' page.

During October 2010 a group of staff and pupils from Menzieshill High School in Dundee were preparing to travel to Uganda on a Mission International team.   A request arrived not long before they travelled for a wheelchair to help an injured man.  A young man called Nelson Kabanda who was a sponsored child and student and now serves as an agent for Mission International in Uganda had just heard that his dad, a local tailor, had been involved in a serious road accident where he has sustained serious injuries to his legs.   The team via a local contact acquired a wheelchair which was duly transported out to Uganda's Mulago hospital to provide the patient with necessary transport.

Father's Heart Mobility:
During their trip to Uganda the team visited Bethany Village where they repaired a landing dock by Lake Victoria.   A couple who were staff there, Francis and Adrienne Mugwanya, are now working full-time with Father's Heart Mobility Ministry.   This ministry provides wheelchairs for those with mobility problems in Uganda.   Since the team's return from Uganda, Mission international has agreed to partner with this new ministry to raise support in the UK.

Your help will make all the difference!
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Help us to help them:
Now Mission International is partnering with Father's Heart Mobility Ministry based in Uganda to raise support to provide wheelchairs for those with mobility problems.   In supporting this ministry we can change someone's life forever, allowing them to become mobile and to access life in a way that has been unavailable to them until now.

Wheelchairs are shipped from around the world to Uganda where they are distributed to those in need of them.   Your contribution will see those often consigned to a live where moving around is so difficult, given the chance to become an integral part of their community.

Please help Mission International and Father's Heart Mobility Ministry bring the joy of mobility to many in Uganda.

100% of your donation will go to support 
Father's Heart Mobility Ministry.

Vision & Objectives:
To view the vision and objectives of Father's Heart Mobility Ministry please open the PDF file attached at the foot of this page.

Motor Bikes:
Long distances covered:
Due to the long distances travelled over difficult and dangerous terrain Mission International will support a local pastor in the purchase of a motor bike to allow him to access rural churches for which he has responsibility.
There are times when a pastor requires to travel a long way from home, this often means that he is away from home overnight or longer to carry out his responsibilities.   The provision of a motorbike can greatly shorten his time away and make the journey more achievable on a regular basis.   This in turn helps remote churches be more included in the wider ministry of the church.

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