David Jack Medical Care Fund


David Jack was a medical student at Dundee University Medical School and was instrumental in helping set up Mission International's 'Mission Medics' initiative.   Sadly David died suddenly during early August 2011 and so in memory of him and his work in Burundi amongst some of the world's poorest people a special fund has been established to bring help to needy patients.   David's parents and family have initiated this fund hosted by Mission International to bring much needed support to patients who require more specialised treatment than can be provided by their local practitioners.

To support the David Jack Medical Care Fund please visit our 'Make a Donation' page where you will find a number of options to make a donation.   If you choose the send a cheque by mail option please make the cheque out to 'Mission International' and then please write 'David Jack Medical Care Fund' on the reverse side of the cheque so we can allocate it appropriately.


The David Jack Memorial Lecture - Dr John Patrick:

Testimony of Burundian surgeon:
This surgeon attended to one of those who will be supported by the David Jack Medical Care Fund.  

Dr. Matore

Only Jesus Christ has done it.

“Let me take this opportunity to give back all the glory to Our Almighty God for his goodness, kindness and grace.

I have just come to experience once again his grace and goodness towards us his creatures.

I saw his mighty hand upon my patient Mrs SINAHAGEZE Liberate who had teeth problems. I had programmed her for a surgical intervention as she had a tumor in her mouth. The tumor had grown to a stage of covering her teeth and going down to cover her throat. As we were preparing her, we realized that it was not possible to do that surgical intervention. My wife who was assisting me advised me to stop and leave it as it was too dangerous. The night before she had a bad dream of seeing the blood all over the clinic. Those dreams made her to fear. That situation and all those narrated dreams put me in an uncertain situation which resulted also into fear. I was looking helplessly and hopelessly to this poor lady who needed my help. As we were looking to what could be done to save this person, my other colleague came also and was also desperate. My knowledge as a doctor went to its end. I remembered that I am a born again Christian and that if we pray God will make a way and use me to operate this patient. Then my wife and I went before God into prayer asking God to give us wisdom and ability to do it. We prayed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to take us through from the beginning to the end during this operation. We thank Jesus Christ because as we started, all the complications we were expecting did not occur. The bleeding was normal. The operation was very successful. We were all amazed to see what the Lord did. For sure the Lord did it not by my knowledge but only Jesus Christ. Today the wound is not bad. She is getting on very well. It will, take her almost some few weeks to be well. God is good. Alleluia!””

Copies of the Mission Medics/David Jack Medical Care Fund support leaflets attached below can be obtained by contacting Mission International.


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