Welcome to K4 at the Islamic Academy of Columbia! The goal of the K4 program is to ensure that each student reaches his/her fullest potential and become independent and responsible. K4 at IAC is a unique experience and provides a strong foundation for every child.
    The McGraw-Hill Treasures series used in the K4 classroom presents detailed lessons with defined skills in scope and sequence. The Language Arts reading books distinguish the names of letters and their beginning sounds in every lesson. They learn the basics of writing and how to print their names. They also learn short and long vowel sounds, rhyming words, simple sentences, the position of words, reading and writing.

    Math is taught in small groups to allow for exploration, working with patterns, sorting, classifying and counting with concrete objects. Students learn to count from 1 to 20, distinguish different shapes, colors, the concept of same and different, number words, days of the week, ordinal numbers and the concept of less and more. They also learn patterns, sequence, telling time, months of the year, and counting money.  
 In Islamic Studies students learn supplications, sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and stories of the Prophets. In Arabic, the students begin learning the alphabet and for Qur'an, students memorize collectively starting from the end of the Qur'an. Most importantly, students are taught simple manners and life-long etiquettes. 

      In order to make learning more fun and to apply what is taught in class, K4 takes educational field trips to various places. Art classes provide students with opportunities to experience a variety of artistic materials and encourage them to challenge their imaginations while also developing fine motor skills. In the classroom, the majority of the activities are hands-on. The students are engaged in supplemental and extracurricular activities. They play Bingo with letters and pictures, and other games such as memory match, puzzles, bowling, play dough, and ring toss.