Welcome to Fourth Grade at the Islamic academy of Columbia! 
This year in Language Arts, the reading material that will be used is challenging, cultured, and insightful. Students will take part in class readings of several novels and work their way from dependent to independent reading. As for writing, fourth graders will create twelve different types of writing such as explanatory essays, poetry, and how-to essays by the end of the year. In addition to writing and reading, students will focus on expanding their vocabulary and the many different literary devices. Projects, videos, and activities will be integrated to help students make connections between Language Arts and other subjects.

    In Science, students will learn about Kingdoms of Life, Ecosystems, the Solar System, light and electricity, and magnetism. Students' inquiry skills will be put to the test as they conduct different projects and activities in their quest for understanding how Science runs the world. 

    Learning about one's history is key to succeeding in their future. In Social Studies, students will cover Native American history, cultural regions of the United States, American Civilizations, Branches of Government , and the Civil War. In addition to the historical side of social studies, students will also cover basic geography skills such as latitude and longitude lines and how to read different types of maps.

    During Arabic class, students will study a total of 20 lessons in their textbook throughout the year. The students will work on the workbook exercises that follow each lesson. They will practice through games, videos, competitions, conversations, handwriting, and outside reading. By the end of the year, students should have full knowledge of the following: reading and writing complex sentences and paragraphs, types of sentences, distinguishing between complete and incomplete sentences, parts of speech, antonyms and synonyms, masculine and feminine, intermediate grammar, and numbers, one to a hundred, numerically and in word form. 

    In Mathematics, after gaining a firm grasp of the concepts, students explore their applications: patterns and operations, operations in base ten, fractions, collecting and interpreting data, and two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry are of the topics discussed during the year.

    Throughout the year, students will engage their lessons via foldables, class discussions, and a host of other methods to help in their comprehension of the material. Videos, scholastic magazines, and other resources will also be used to supplement topics covered.