Welcome to the First Grade at the Islamic Academy of Columbia! The students have already been given the seed of knowledge. It is now time for that seed to be nurtured into a young seedling. They will be working collectively, in small groups, in pairs and individually. All students are kinesthetic learners; therefore they are provided with various hands-on activities to apply lessons taught in class. 
    Our academic goal is reading fluency and comprehension in all subject areas. First grade students will learn to read independently, summarize text and draw conclusions from both fiction and nonfiction books. They will use pictures and words to better understand the meanings of stories and context clues to determine the meanings of words they do not know. 

    This year first graders will transition from storytelling with pictures to storytelling with words using the mechanics of sentence making. They will be able to spell high-frequency words and other words using phonetic sounds. They will be authors of their own stories as they learn to write journals, narratives, research papers and more. 
  In Mathematics, students will learn the basics of addition and subtraction by using pictures, numbers, number words and number lines to find sums and differences. They will solve real-life word problems as well as write their own. They will learn to recognize and create patterns, draw meaning from different kinds of graphs, count and add money, and use calendars and clocks. They will experiment with tools of measurement and weight and engage in many class projects as they incorporate math in other subject areas.  

    Science is a journey studied through experiments and field trips. In Earth Science, students will learn about the land and water of this planet and explore many different habitats as well as the plants and animals that live in them. They will also discuss different categories of animal kingdoms and the life cycles of some animals and insects. They will learn to observe, classify, and compare many things. 

    Social Studies is an exploration of families, communities, and different cultures. Students will learn to compare different families across the world. They will learn how to read and make their own maps, signs, and timelines. They will understand how families are part of a community and how communities grow, make laws, and elect leaders. They will build their own community and learn how communities are formed and the natural resources it requires. They will learn about real life jobs of people in our community and learn to be community helpers of their own as they recognize the needs and wants of diverse groups of people. 

   During Arabic class, students study six units, two of which are used for extra reading. Over the course of 23 lessons, students practice through workbook exercises, plays, conversations, videos, competitions, games, drawing, coloring, handwriting, and story time. By the end of the year, students should have full knowledge of the following: breaking down and forming words, reading and writing simple sentences, matching phrases to construct meaningful sentences, basic grammar, and numbers, one to twenty, numerically and in word form.
    In Islamic Studies class, the students will learn the Muslim acts of worship, the Pillars of Faith, the biography of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), and Islamic manners. Our goal is to discipline, educate, and inspire our children to live Islam through the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).