Welcome to Fifth Grade at the Islamic Academy of Columbia! This year in Language Arts, we have implemented reading material that will provide a much students with a challenge to thinking critically and their overall awareness. Furthermore, students will take part in independent readings to better prepare them for middle school. As for writing, fifth graders will create twelve different types of writing by the end of the year.  In addition to writing and reading students will implement the different literary devices learned in the last year as well as vocabulary and phonics. To reinforce their understanding of important concepts, projects, videos, and activities will be implemented within the curriculum. 

    In Mathematics, students will expand their algebraic thinking skills by writing & interpreting numerical expression by analyzing patterns and relationships. Students will also learn how to perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers. During the latter half of the year, students will learn how to use equivalent fractions to add and subtract fractions, how to work with measurements, and how to graph on a coordinate plane.     

    In Science, students will cover the major topics of science inquiry, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, landforms and oceans, properties of matter, and forces in motion. An array of experiments and models will be used to assist in student comprehension. Over the course of the year, students will also be required to make projects and also have a chance to go on educational, fun-filled field trips that coincide with our curriculum.    

    In Social Studies, students will learn about the Reconstruction Era and its impact on race relations in the US, westward expansion of the country, major foreign and domestic developments that helped make the US a world superpower, political instability of the economic progression of the 1920’s and 1930's, and economic and political events that influenced the US during the Cold War era. 

    Throughout the year, students will engage their lessons via foldables, class discussions, and host of other methods to help in their comprehension of the material. Videos, scholastic magazines and other resources will also be used to supplement topics covered.