Our High School Accelerated Program (HSAP) is a challenging one-year course of study that is designed to provide our freshmen students with the high school courses necessary to complete the ninth and tenth grades. Students who complete this program will fulfill 12-credit hour requirement which will cover the core subjects and qualify them for promotion to the eleventh grade.

    HSAP students who have attended eighth grade at IAC are entitled to three additional high school credits on their transcript. These three credit hours are not available for students transferring into HSAP.

See the following table for course distribution:

*Prerequisite Required

    Our program seeks to meet the educational, disciplinary, and motivational needs of our students who are required to demonstrate immense academic focus and dedication throughout their course of study. Our program will expand our students' knowledge, strengthen their character, and provide them with the resources and guidance needed to be successful during and after high school.

    The goal of our program is to graduate highly-motivated academically-driven students who will graduate high school in three years and wish to pursue a college career. Students who will advance from the Islamic Academy of Columbia will excel in both studies and character anywhere they choose to go.