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Our agents, brokers and Realtors have the experience required to represent you in the purchase or sale of residential property, land or investment properties. Our agents have all of the tools necessary to locate the home of your dreams or help you to realize your investment goals. The Hemet and San Jacinto Valley is becoming one of California's hottest spots for investment real estate. The recent foreclosure market allows investors and home buyers the opportunity to purchase bank owned (REO) property at highly discounted prices, directly from the bank. Many homes are offered at 50% or more off of their original loan values. Our REO team manages property marketing for many major lending institutions through their asset management companies. We are the local source for REO - foreclosure property in Hemet and San Jacinto.

When choosing an agent to represent you, one that lives and works in the area that you are looking to invest will be better able to assist you in making the right decision. We have included information about choosing the right agent to represent you and hope that you find this information helpful when considering the right agent or REALTOR:

Selling or purchasing any property can be a daunting task to say the least.

At Mission Grove Realty we strive to provide the best possible services. From our initial contact with you to discussing your needs to the final documents needed to finalize the sale or purchase of your next property. We are with you throughout the entire process and have the knowledge and experience to make the process easy to understand and help to protect you from costly mistakes.

In a day where some tout discounted fees and services, we believe that when it comes to selling or purchasing your largest asset, more is more. More time spent on accessing your needs, more time spent on evaluating the property you wish to sell or purchase, more time spent on developing a marketing or investment plan to meet your goals, more time spent with you throughout the process to protect your interests and finally, more time spent in the actual marketing or evaluation of your property.

You may hear that by listing your property with a REALTOR or utilizing the services of a REALTOR to purchase a home that you will get the best possible exposure and representation. “Agent”, by the way, is anyone that is licensed by the Department of Real Estate. The designation of REALTOR belongs only to those that agree to subscribe and uphold to the highest code of Ethics and Moral Standards that are outlined by the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and to their local Board in which they belong. 

Any licensed agent can represent you. A REALTOR agrees to represent you in a way that makes them accountable at the highest level. When someone states that they are a REALTOR, ask them if they are a member of the Association of Realtors or, if they are simply an agent. You can verify their credentials by calling the local association or, by visiting www.car.org. By using a REALTOR, you can be reasonably certain that you have chosen someone that has your best interests in mind. At the very least, verify that they are licensed and if they have had any violations by visiting the California's Department of Real Estate online. If violations exist, call the DRE with the case number listed to find the nature of the violation (916) 227-0906.

Here are other considerations when choosing an agent or Realtor to represent you:

Choose someone that you feel comfortable working with. The process can sometimes be long and include much paperwork. You don’t want to find out that, halfway through the process, you simply don’t get along with the person that represents you. If you are looking for REO - Bank owned and Government foreclosed properties, let us know. We will put you in contact with an experienced and qualified REO specialist to assist you.
Never choose an agent based only on the agency they work for. Agencies do not market properties...Agents do. The independent agent must spend their own money, time and experience to market your property or locate a property for you to purchase. When was the last time you heard..."I bought and XYZ agency home! Buyers do not care WHO it is listed by. It is the individual marketing and exposure the property receives that brings them there. Will you aagent be working for you and with your best interests at heart?

Consider the exposure of your property. It is not, necessarily, how many homes someone has sold in the past, how much money they have earned or how many months they have been the top whatever. What will that do for you? What they will do for YOU NOW? is what is important. Ask them to see a current listing and how it is marketed. Look at the marketing fliers produced for the property, how it is listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and where else it will be listed. Ask them for a printout of all of these items then ask yourself these questions.

Is the description of the property accurate?
Is the description well written and leave you wanting more information? There are many properties available, what sets this one apart from the rest? There are thousands of homes available on the market today. How your property is presented makes the difference between selling....or not. Are there photographs? How many of them? Most services allow for a minimum of 6 photographs. How many have they used? Do the photos represent the home as described? How do they make the home appear? Are the photos clear, easy to see and have the appearance of being professionally taken? Again, there are many homes available. Will yours be seen? Does the agent or REALTOR make excuses as to why they have either have no photos, very few photos or bad ones? Do you want excuses from a professional? 

Does their list of marketing areas include the MLS system only, or all available sources? Sources should include at least 2 MLS systems (Any excuse as to why an agent does not use more than one MLS system is just that….an excuse). Additional marketing should include: Realtor.com, Homeseekers.com, Craigslist.com, Google.com, Trulia.com and Activerain.com plus many others if you are truly looking for the most exposure and the most possible for your property. All of these sources should include multiple photos, accurate and colorful descriptions and top shelf visibility. Does the agent or REALTOR provide this information or make excuses? Before you sign any agreement, verify what you see or have been told. The only reasons why an agent would not use all electronic media available is because they do not have the knowledge, time, or investment required to properly market your property. Money and time well spent in our opinion!

Are there any “hidden fees” with your listing agreement? Many agents will tout low commissions and then add fees for advertising, assistants, documentation or other fees that, in some cases, you will be completely unaware of. Read your listing agreement carefully! A professional will set their commission and include all of their services including advertising at no additional cost. If your home does not sell, you owe them nothing. Hidden fees, once you sign an agreement, are sometimes owed to the agent even if they don’t sell your property! A listing agreement must state the listing date, expiration date , price, and the amount owed to the agent when the home is sold. Beware of agents asking for additional fees or money up-front to list your home. Even if you are considering a "short sale". Never pay upfront fees or agree to extra charges of any kind when listing your home. NEVER sign a listing agreement that contains blank spaces. Make certain that you receive a copy of the listing agreement at the time it is completed. 

Listen. The person offering to list your home should provide current market information, current listings and sales in the area, should be knowledgeable about your community and have the answers to your concerns or, know where to get them. By listening to their questions and to the responses they give to yours, you will have a good idea of what they will be able to do for you. Will they be able to listen to a potential client’s needs? Your home could be the one. Will they be able recognize this in their next client?

Location, Location, Location. This has been the golden rule in real estate… until now. With the advent of the Internet, and over 80% of Consumers researching their next home on the web, we feel that the age old adage has come to an end. The new golden rule, in our opinion, is: Exposure, Exposure, Exposure. Homes that are properly marketed through extensive exposure on the web typically sell for more money, in less time. Where will your property be marketed? Will your agent or REALTOR provide this to you? 

There are many other factors to consider before listing your home. We at Mission Grove Realty would like the opportunity to discuss them with you and to be your guide through the process. When choosing Mission Grove Realty, you can be certain that you will receive the best possible service, exposure, value and representation that is available. 

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