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Mission for the Homeless

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization benefiting Oakland's homeless

We distribute blankets, food and clothing to the homeless seven nights a week
in Oakland, California since January1999, and visit approximately fifty homeless people every night.

The plight of the homeless in Oakland is becoming more evident as the economy has made it more difficult for those “fallen through the cracks”. Often stereotyped as annoying, categorized as worthless, the homeless easily become objects of neglect and abuse. If family, society and church remain uninterested and unconvinced as to the inherent dignity of these people, we continue to recognize them without judgment or condemnation.

If you would like to donate we need:

blankets, sleeping bags

bottled water, or sodas

food: pasta, rice, beans, potatoes,

canned goods: vegetables, corn, tomato sauce, etc.,

sliced bread, pastries

clothing for men: (warm) jackets, pants and shoes.


loading donations


f you would like to make a monetary contribution,

100% goes to help the homeless

as we are a small group of volunteers with

no salaries, overhead, or administrative costs.

Send your Paypal donation to: missionforthehomeless@hotmail.com,

or mail a check to

Mission for the Homeless
P. O. Box # 7194
Oakland, CA  94601-3023

and we'll send you a tax deductible receipt for your records.

If you have any questions

please contact: Jeff at missionforthehomeless@hotmail.com

we intend to start a capital campaign in the near future for the purchase of a building to invite those sleeping on the street indoors on a nightly basis

last modified February 23, 2013