Welcome to Mission Economics!

We are here to know, understand, and learn how to use a variety of statistical/computational software packages to solve problems in economics.

In recent years, the field of economics has rapidly changed. In particular, these days using software programming in economics has taken centre-stage. Researchers use data to test an existing theory, or build a theory to explain real life data. They also conduct quantitative experiments and numerical simulations to quantify the implications of changes in structural or policy parameters. This is often done to make predictive analysis and provide policy insights from a theoretical model. No research these days is complete until such quantitative experiments are conducted.

Our objective here will be to offer workshops and courses to enable participants to get familiarized with frequently used software packages, and understand how to use these packages to solve some basic economics problems.

If you would like us to offer any of these workshops in your College/Department, please do not hesitate to contact us

In your email to us please do not forget to mention the following: 

1. the academic profile of the students who will be attending the workshop, i.e., the undergraduate program in which they have enrolled;
2. the time during which you would like us to conduct the workshop, and finally; 
3. the desired software, i.e., Excel, Matlab, Python, R, or STATA.    

Wishing you knowledge.