Who are the Missionaries of Divine Love?

Canons Regular of Windesheim from Paring and Mijo Barada:
Rev. Ulrich († 2013), Rev. Walter, Mijo Barada, M.Rev. Provost Helmut and Rev. Maximilian.

A letter from the General Provost:

It is a pleasure for me, as a general provost of the Congregation of Windesheim in the Order of Canons Regular, to write this recommendation about Mr. Mijo Barada who is a familiary of our Congregation.

I am delighted to confirm that I know him for a long time and that he achieves great success in his seminars together with priests of our Congregation.




Mijo Barada was born in 1960 in Split (Croatia). He studied agriculture in Zagreb and is a recognized expert in tangerines and potatoes. He works on his land and as an expert cooperates for many institutions. He is happily married to his wife Erika and God has blessed them with four children: Miriam, Mihael, Danijel and Emanuel.

Since 1983, he leads prayer groups and seminars for the spiritual renewal in collaboration with numerous priests. He has given seminars in many parts of the world, but especially in the war zones in the Balkans.

Since 2005 he works together with the  Canons Regular of Windesheim and since 2010 he is a familiary of their provostry in Paring. Together, they founded the society "Missionaries of Divine Love" in 2012 which supports a number of projects such as: a disabled children's home and the general support families in Bosnia, a church in Ghana, priestly formation in Ghana, etc.

Photos: Elvir Tabakovic