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Spiritual Renewal with Mijo and Father Wilijem Klein

On 25.01.2010. I found out I was pregnant. The joy was great, but only for short periods of time. My doctor informed me that the baby's heart was not  beating  and I was already in the fifth week   of pregnancy ,and that in his opinion there is no hope for the child.

During the Mijos seminar, I could not hide my sadness. One member of the prayer group "Immaculate Conception" noticed it, and all members of the prayer group comforted  me. Then I had a conversation with Mojo. He prayed over me and he told me that the baby will be fine, that the baby is just sleeping . I was happy, but even with him saying that, I  still had fear. Mijo told me that the fear come from complications in my on birth. When I was still in the womb, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. Mijo prayed for liberation from that fear and since then fear has gun. 15.02.2010 I had another gynecological check-up, a doctor informed me that the child's condition stabilized and normalized. Parsed the Lord!!!!!

I especially want to thank my prayer group "Immaculate Conception Stuttgart, and Mijo, Father Wiliju, my friends and all others who have always prayed for us.

God's blessing to everyone . Maria L.

PS: Today, 16.09.2010. the baby is born and thank God for the joy, love and kindness that I have received. Alleluia! 

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Dear Mijo

Thank you, for coming to Japan. Thanks, for the time you took from your family and gave it to us. Seminar in Kamakura has been very gracious.

I thank God I am allowed to participate in this seminar and what God has sent Mijo to Japan. Through this seminar I deeply understand, when the Bible says God is love.

Thanks to all who pried for Japan and for realizing that in prayer we are all united as one.,

We will be very happy to see you again.

                                          (Miyuki    --  Japan)

Dear Mijo, thank you very much from all of  us in Japan, with whom you prayed.

The message I got from Jesus through you, has changed my life and now live with Jesus. I wish you the anointing of the Holy Spirit and a lot of grace for your family.

I look forward to the reunion with you next year!          

Kaoru, Japan

Experience from Japan

The experience that I gained that day was a wonderful gift of God. From that day on peace in my heart.

Each of us has got a wonderful message. We have the great admiration and gratitude.

Via Mijo, I felt God's love and mercy of God.

When Mijo was a special atmosphere. It was wonderful how that filling stays with as . 

We are shore that you were very tired. Every day I pray for you. I thank God that all  four of us come to Mijo.

Jesus knows everything and really showed us what we now have to do. Jesus said, that the blessing is very important. Since then every day I bless my wife and my children and my life I completely changed.

Sometimes I feel the very presence of Jesus with great joy. Jesus is wonderful!





In November of 2009 when my sister Ricke was still lying in a hospital under chemo-therapy for cancer, we preyed for her at the seminar with Mijo. Since that day she felt better and better. Ever sins then she does not need blood transfusions! Then Mijo said my mother, my sister-in-law and me to continue to pray and not to be afraid, everything will be fine. Jesus is with her. It gave us strength and held us to overcome incredibly difficult time.

God bless you Mijo !

I always had a problem getting my day started in the morning. For first few hours ,each morning I feel dazed and confused . After attending Mijos seminar and receiving sacrament of reconciliation I feel wary good. Since then I go to the Mass as often as I could and receive Holly Communion daily.

Prize the Lord.

I had frequent temper tantrums, anger, rebellion and fear of losing ...

When I was at Mijos  seminar, in a personal conversation with him and his prayer over me I felt unexplained heat in my belly. I started to cry . He told me that my problems are carried over from my mother when se was caring me. That evening I called my mother and told her about the events at the seminar.

My mother was very touched, "she said, that the first 3 months of pregnancy with me she did not  even know she was pregnant.

When she found out she was pregnant, she had frequent mood swings and she feared of losing me..

In February 2010, I came in Neumarkt. Although I knew that I had to study for my exams but I went to the seminar trusting that God is calling me. With faith in my heart

and thanks to Jesus, as I passed the exams with the best grades I  celebrate the Lord!


Trusting and pray and all will be well .

During my pregnancy with our daughter Julia my doctor discovered sum abnormalities. After ultrasound examination he found that her heart was not beating regularly and sum other physical deformations. He suggested abortion and we strongly refused. 

 In the period from 26.02.2009. to 01.03.2009. we participated in the spiritual renewal in Wigratzbad with Mijo Barada and Smiljan Kožul OFM, Fr. The seminar topic was "The Cross is salvation."

 In a personal conversation with Mijo, once again we were told that believing and pray that all will be well ............ as it later turned out to  be.

 From the moment we pray intensively every day for our baby. After exactly 40 weeks the baby was born with out any abnormalities.

God is great….