Love the Lord

Spiritual growth is not just a goal for our ministries: it's also needs our personal goal as Missional Team Leaders. This may seem obvious but that doesn’t mean it’s not overlooked. One of the first things to be sacrificed to the busyness of ministry is time and intimacy with the Lord. While loving the Lord is the primary purpose of every Christ-follower, as a ministry leader it’s actually part of your job description.

Like physical growth, spiritual growth has different dimensions—we do not simply grow upward but outward and inward. As we think about a leader growing and developing spiritually, we think about it in the following categories.

Christian Doctrine

Theology is the study of God and it is premised upon the idea that our love for God and trust in him grow as we grow in our knowledge and understanding of him. The goal of studying Christian doctrine is to think rightly about God and to better understand his character, nature, and his workings in our life and in the world.

To help you as a ministry leader develop doctrinally we offer both a website (CruDoctrine) as well as opportunities for ongoing theological education (IBS). For an overview of basic but important biblical principles you can also go to

Spirit Filled

Flowing from the founder, Dr. Bill Bright, a distinctive of spiritual leadership within the ministry of Campus Crusade is an emphasis on the Spirit Filled life. The Spirit Filled life is one that is continually yielded and reliant upon God's Spirit. It is a Christ-centered life fully yielded to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Experiencing the Gospel

The good news of the gospel is something we are always deepening and growing in. That is, we are always uncovering new layers and habits of sin as well as falling back under performance. We are always in need of God's love and forgiveness, always in a process of growth and transformation, always living by faith, and always in need of God's grace and empowerment to live the Christian life.


The outward ministry of a leader is both reflective and contingent upon the prayer life of that leader. To grow as a spiritual leader is to grow in prayer. A dynamic prayer life is one based upon honesty with God and humility before him. Fervent prayer flows from a heart that is cleansed and contrite. A distinctive of our ministry is prayer that is full of faith and expectancy.

The Word

To lead well, one must be led by the Word. A priority of a Missional Team Leader is a daily time in the Scripture. From God's Word will come food for your soul as well as for those to whom you minister. A spiritual leader must model a love for, a knowledge of, and a dependence upon the Scripture. Through the Word we experience Christ. Growing in our knowledge of the Word involves an increasing understanding of how every part of Scripture points to him.


Christian growth does not take place in a vacuum but within a community of believers where life is lived out honestly and authentically and where sin is acknowledged and confessed - not hidden and denied. God's Spirit at work within a community of believers is how lives are transformed. Community is the vehicle and the arena in which spiritual growth takes place.

Additional Resources

You can find other resources to help you Love the Lord in the resource cabinet.