Launch & Build New Movements

It is the responsibility of a Missional Team to launch and build new movements. As you give leadership, to the team this is a large part of your job description. To house all of the resources, we've set up a website dedicated solely to this Missional Team Leader responsibility ( All the links on this page will take you to that site.

Launching Movements

The idea of launching a new ministry may seem daunting but it’s
really not that complicated. You're looking for God to raise up a leader to reach a campus or a particular segment of campus (Greeks, artists, athletes, Latinos, etc). Your job will be to coach this leader to reach his or her campus or affinity group. 

Helpful resources for launching new movements are on the Launching page of . . .

Building Movements

In the Pastoral epistles (1,2 Timothy and Titus) the apostle Paul
dispenses wisdom and guidance on how to oversee a ministry. The logical implication is that some methods of growing a ministry are better than others. In over half a century of campus ministry we’ve accumulated a good bit of wisdom on how best to develop a collegiate movement.

To access that wisdom on building a movement go to the Building Movements page of . . .

Win, Build, and Send 

It is our strategy of Win, Build, Send that is perhaps most defining of who we are as a ministry. We seek to reach every student on every campus - to Win as many as possible to Christ. We seek to Build up believers in their faith and help them experience genuine life-change in Christ. And we seek to Send every Christ-follower out from our ministry equipped to have an impact for Christ in the world. 

You'll find links to all our resources to WinBuild, and Send on the
 Win-Build-Send page of . . .

Ethnic Ministries and Specialized Movements

In launching and building ministries there are certain principles that never change. Yet every ethnic or affinity group has unique characteristics which require us to make adaptations in the way we do ministry.

When we make such adaptions we call it contextualizing—we seek to translate the gospel into the context of that culture or affinity group, making the gospel as accessible as possible. These are currently the contextualized ministries of Campus Crusade:

Asian Americans (EPIC)
African Americans (Impact), 
Native Americans (Nations) 
Internationals (Bridges) 
Latinos (Destino) 
KCCC (Korean Campus Crusade for Christ)

Athletes (Athletes In Action) 
Greeks (Fraternities and Sororities)
Military (Valor)
Faculty (Faculty Commons)
High School (Student Venture)

Resources to launch and build a contextualized ministry are on the Contextualized page of . . .