Line Up Resources

When Nehemiah heard of the condition of Jerusalem and those living there, Scripture tells us that he wept, prayed, and fasted for God to intervene. We might say that prayer is a spiritual resource necessary to build a ministry.

But Scripture goes on to elaborate on other preparations Nehemiah made for the work of the ministry. He requested from the king the time required for the rebuilding project, safe travel, as well as lumber and other building materials. 

As a Missional Team Leader, it’s worth rereading the story, for Nehemiah is a model of both faith and stewardship. He trusted God for the impossible but was diligent to garner all the resources dictated by the task.

It should be obvious that without faith and prayer you will never accomplish your missionary objectives. What may be less obvious is the stewardship required to gather the resources necessary to accomplish the task. God will provide, but you must pray, pursue, and procure the critical mass needed for your ministry.

Unlike Nehemiah you will not need to forage for lumber but here are the resources you will be responsible to gather.


Time is a valuable resource and a hidden cost of the ministry. There are only so many hours in a day. You can gather more time by gathering more leaders and laborers but you may also acquire more hours for ministry by helping your team better manage and invest their time.


As Jesus looked around at the endless needs of the ministry, he was compelled to pray for more people to help in the harvest: “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matt. 9:38). 

Gathering critical people resources consists of: building a team, getting students trained on Summer Projects, recruiting to your ministry and cultivated a core of solid student leaders.


Ministry in the first century relied heavily on communications: the New Testament is primarily composed of ministry letters, sent and forward like e-mail. We too need to leverage technology in our ministries. Here are some of the most critical ways Campus Crusade staff or interns need to connect to technology and communications. 


There is no getting around the harsh reality that ministry requires both finances as well as financial management. The basics of what you need to know about fund development and management are found on the Financial Resources page.

Additional Resources 

More resources for each of these categories can be found in the Line Up Resources Filing Cabinet.