Lead Your Team

If you are a Missional Team leader, then God has entrusted to your care not only the ministry but those who minister and lead it. Depending on the campus and in location you find yourself, your team may look quite different. It may be comprised of volunteers from a local church, student leaders, campus interns, full-time Campus staff or some combination of these. 

Regardless who makes up the leadership team, they are your primary responsibility and your most important sphere of influence.  Lead them. Love them.

Spiritual Leadership

The key to spiritual leadership is found in the term itself, for it requires both spiritual shepherding and mentoring as well as the general functions of leadershipvision, strategy, direction, aligning, etc. We've broken down your role as team leader into six major areas of responsibility and what you'll find on this site are resources we've pulled together to help you in each of these areas.

Coach and Equip

Your job as a team leader is to help your team function as a team and not simply a collection of individuals. You'll need to manage conflict, orchestrate their gifts, help them work as a team, delegate effectively, as well as motivate and inspire them. These are all a part of what it means to coach and equip your team.

Direction and Vision

If you've done a good a job with coaching and equipping, your team should be functioning and relating well together—the parts working together as one. But the team also needs to know where it's going and what it's supposed to be accomplishing. Being a Missional Team implies a mission—an objective

As a leader you need to motivate your team by casting a clear and compelling vision for what God has called you to accomplish. You need to communicate the goals and results you're believing God for. You need to set the course and define the direction. You are the compass.


Okay, so the team is functioning as a true "band of brothers (and sisters);" they are motivated by a vision for the campus and you've given them a clear sense of direction. But what the team still lacks is a strategy in order to get where they need to go. And so as a team leader, you need to plan strategically. You must think and pray about how best to reach your campus. You need to solve problems and measure effectiveness and results. God has given you stewardship of the campus and it will take great intentionality and planning (as well as reliance on the Lord) to reach it.


Leadership is critical but you're not running a business - you're leading a ministry. As a team leader you must never forget your responsibility to minister, serve, and shepherd your team. The spiritual well-being of your team is a primary (not secondary) concern. If your team succeeds in reaching the campus but does not succeed in their walk with the Lord, they have not succeeded.

Additional Resources to Lead Your Team

Here are some additional
resources for leading your team. The descriptions should help you find what you're looking for.