Leading a Missional Team

Welcome to Missional Team Leaders

The mystery and privilege of Christian work is that God uses people like us to accomplish his work. We are his “fellow-workers,” his “ambassadors,” his “representatives,” his “servants,” and “ministers.” Spiritual leadership is a blending of natural and spiritual qualities utilized for influencing God’s people to accomplish God’s purposes. 

If you are a missional team leader in the Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, then this site is designed for you; to come along side you in the ministry God has called you to. 

As a missional team leader, your role is to lead a team of fellow kingdom laborers who—like you— are committed to reaching a specific campus or campus community (Greeks, athletes, Internationals, etc.) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. By "reaching," we mean an ongoing ministry (or movement) that helps people know Christ (Win), encourages people to grow in their faith (Build), and trains others in the work of the ministry (Send).

As a Missional Team Leader your job description has five major responsibilities, which define the structure of this site. Those responsibilties are as follows:

Love the Lord

That’s right - it’s part of your job description to love Jesus. What could be more important for a spiritual leader than to be a passionate follower of Jesus Christ? Absolutely nothing. The resources in this section are to help cultivate your relationship with God and equip you as a spiritual shepherd and servant. Go to Love the Lord . . .

Lead Your Team

You’ve been entrusted with the leadership of a team committed to serving with you in the ministry and committed to the same goals and objectives. This team is your primary responsibility and your most important sphere of influence—this section provides resources to help you fulfill that responsibility. Go to Lead Your Team . . . 

Line Up Resources

One of the most important responsibilities of leadership is to gather the resources necessary to accomplish the mission or objective. Any project, including Kingdom building, requires a commitment of time, people, money, and potentially other resources. This section will help you line up those critical resources. Go to Line Up Resources . . .

Launch and Build Movements

This is the mission to which you’ve been called: to launch and build spiritual movements. Here we’ve gathered resources to help you plant and establish movements as well as cultivate their growth and development. Go to  Launch and Build Movements . . .

Learn a New Culture 

We seek to reach each and every student on campus. To do this, we may often be called on to learn a new culture.  There are many resources to help you with this daunting task. This section will prepare you with the basic principles and practices for contextualized ministry, help you build trust across subcultures and embrace international partnerships. Go to Learn a New Culture. . . 

If you are a contributor to this site, follow this link for help.