"Publicizing private contact numbers and cash rewards invites people with bad intentions to your family. Philippines Missing Persons strongly advise that you speak with the investigating police and or barangay officers on the most appropriate number to provide when creating a poster."

Each year, numerous cases of missing persons in the Philippines have been recorded and this has become a major problem in the country. To date, a large percentage of these cases were not resolved.

80 percent of these missing persons are between 25 to 80+ years old, some involuntary disappeared while in most cases are suffering from Alzheimer's disease or Dementia. 20 percent are children who are abducted or removed from the protection and care of their parents or legal guardians, yet, there is no specialized agency that oversees cases relating to missing persons in Philippines.

Philippines Missing Persons has been created to serve the public and various government agencies to locate missing persons. It aims to raise awareness about the issues and impact surrounding the disappearance of a person.

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