About Us

The Missing Person Alliance was formed in September of 2013 after the loss of a good friend named Chanel Phillips. Chanel never returned home after a night out with friends. 3 days later her body and car were found submerged in a Jupiter, Florida pond. With missing children there is Amber Alert, with senior citizens there is Silver Alert, for missing adults there is Nothing. The Missing Person Alliance puts out alerts in the community of missing children and adults as well as helps to formulate search parties in the community to help find those that are missing and bring them home. In the worse of worse cases, The Missing Person Alliance helps family and friends to organize memorial services, help to raise money for memorial/funeral services, and helps friends and family members to cope with these difficult times.

When a person is reported missing, The Missing Person Alliance acts right away to formulate search parties in the community to search for the missing person day and night. The most important goal of The Missing Person Alliance is to bring home these missing loved ones safe. The Missing Person Alliance works closely with the community and fights to get family and friends the answers they deserve. If your friend or family member is missing CALL US TODAY!!! Don't Wait!!! Every minute you wait the chance of return decreases. Give them a fighting chance and call The Missing Person Alliance today.