2nd Grade Homework Policy


  • 30 minutes a night.
  • Students are welcome to do more than the 30 minute requirement (parent discretion).
  • Homework given Monday - Thursday.
  • No homework or projects assigned over the weekend or breaks.
  • Some long term projects, such as dioramas may span over the weekends, but not over breaks.  Student may reasonably complete these projects during week days.  When special projects given, other homework is reduced.  
  • Math:
    • Review skills and practice already learned concepts with Homework & Remembering Pages.  Both sides of homework page assigned.
    • Increase fluency with weekly Math Fact Testing.
  • Reading:
    • Improve reading fluency by reading aloud at home.  
    • Increase comprehension through Book Reports (Require two Book Reports a month).  
    • Sight Word development through the Sight Word Soldiers Program (Weekly Testing).
  • Spelling:
    • Practice using student’s preferred strategies (SpellingCity.com, Practice Tests, etc.).  
    • No proof of studying required.  
    • Spelling reflects phonics skills learned and integrates Social Studies and Science curriculum.
  • Students will work on homework at least 30 minutes a day in a quiet, non-distracting setting.  The 30 minutes must be focused, productive time.  
  • Reading time may be inclusive of this time or additional minutes (parent discretion).

  • Math Facts: Students progress at their own pace.
  • Sight Words: Students progress at their own pace.
  • Ticket to Read: Students are encouraged to work on Ticket to Read at home.  Students progress at their own pace, but should use it for a minimum of 30 minutes a week to generate informative data for the teacher and make a difference in the child’s learning.
  • VMath: Students are encouraged to work on VMath at home.
  • Students should stop working once a frustration level is met.  Parent has the right to discontinue homework at 30 minutes.  If homework is not completed within this time frame, parent may initial the work and turn in.  Full credit will be earned since the child met the time requirement.  Teachers understand that each child is different and the parent knows their child best.

Teresa Yau,
Jul 22, 2013, 1:16 PM