General Classroom Information

Welcome to Miss Hu's Classroom

Our Classroom

Our classroom is a place where students are encouraged to ask questions and become active participants in their learning.  The classroom is a place where students feel safe and welcome to learn.  The classroom environment will foster student's academic and social development.  


Please click here to view our weekly classroom schedule. 

Classroom Expectations and Rules

Click here for the classroom management plan. I have high expectations for the students because I believe they are all capable learners and can reach above and beyond.  In our class, we will be learning so many things and having a lot of fun along the way!  My expectations are: 
  • Work Habits: Finish assignments on time. Learn how to ask three before me when asking questions.  Students will learn to be responsible for their learning. 
  • Attitude: Come to school with a positive mental attitude!  Start each day ready to learn! Be honest with yourself and with others. 
  • Make smart decisions for yourself. 
Our classroom is a community with rules that promote respect and positivity.  Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules and values.  They should come to school each day ready to take the LEAD!  Remember the golden rule-treat others as you want to be treated.  Other classroom rules are:
  • Be ready to take the L.E.A.D each day.  
    • Live Values
    • Exhibit Respect
    • Act Safely
    • Do Your Best! 
  • Listen carefully to each other. 
  • Follow directions when given. 
  • Be on time and prepared

Homework Policy

Homework is given Monday through Thursday with the occasional long-term project.  The intention of homework is to help reinforce ideas and concepts that the students are learning in addition to fostering responsibility.  Please make sure your child is completing the homework independently.  When he/she is done, please review his/her homework.  If there are areas of need, please review the information with your child.  

Generally, homework will consist of:
  1. Reading- At least 20 minutes a day
  2. Math- Daily Math Homework page to reinforce the day's lesson 
  3. Spelling- Spelling Pre-tests will be given on Monday. Spelling tests will be given on Friday.

Helping Your Child Succeed 

Please help your child succeed in school by becoming active participants in their education.  Click here for ways you can help at home.  For further information on packing and/or buying a healthy (and nut-free) snack and lunch, please go here.  Thank you for your support at home!