Classroom Management Plan

Our classroom is a place where students feel safe and welcome to learn.  In order to create an environment that fosters student's academic and social development, an effective Classroom Management Plan is necessary.  I believe parents should know what my expectations are for the class and how I manage my classroom.  

My classroom management plan is a positive behavior system that encourages students to take the LEAD each day.  I believe in managing the class with a kind, yet firm hand.  Above all else, s
tudent success will be celebrated in our classroom!  
On the individual level, students will be encouraged with verbal praise to demonstrate classroom rules and expectations.  A colored bulletin board will also be used for individual behavior throughout the day.  I will be consistent with reinforcing and modeling my classroom management plan. Students will always know what is expected of them and the consequences that result from poor behavior choices.  I will be consistent, yet flexible, with my classroom management plan.  

If the entire class is doing a wonderful job, they may earn a scoop of popcorn to fill up the popcorn jar.  When the entire jar is filled up, they earn a classroom reward (i.e. party) of their choice.  Team points are another aspect of my classroom management plan.  Team points reward table groups that are making smart decisions throughout the day.  It is a great way to build teamwork and cooperation amongst the students. 

Star Bucks are our classroom currency that students can earn by successfully completing their job for the week or by taking the LEAD.   

Teresa Yau,
Jul 21, 2011, 9:36 PM