Dear Parents,

We are trying to make your child’s birthday a meaningful one, while at the same time eliminating the endless amounts of sugar that children often eat. Instead of sending a sugary treat to school on your child’s birthday, how about letting your child “treat” the class to a birthday book. The birthday child may bring a book (wrapped if you wish) to give to the class. This book would become a permanent part of our classroom library. What a nice way for your child to share his/her birthday --
 and much easier on the teeth!
If you still want to send an additional treat, how about stickers, a bookmark or a pencil. Please note, you are not obligated to do this, but we think the concept of a child sharing his/her birthday (and being a giver, rather than a receiver) is really a good one.
Thank you for your help in supporting our attempt to immerse 2nd graders in print. Soon our children will be gobbling up books, rather than sweets, and enjoying every bite.


Miss Hu