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Week of Jan 3-4th and Week of Jan 7th-11th

Welcome Back & Happy New Year

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Students are into division of decimals. Please review Lessons 24-27 at home. They will complete activities and problems over the next few days. We will quiz Tuesday on Division of Decimals. Module 3: Fractions will be introduced with brainstorming, showing what they know, and the first lesson is on equal fractions.

PLEASE PRACTICE MULTIPLICATION with your child. These basic facts are the foundation of 5th grade math and they should havde them mastered.


Jan 11th: Mrs. Adams Birthday

Jan 14th-17th: Spirit Week

Jan 18th: No School for Students

Jan 21st: Closed Happy MLK Day

Jan 25th: Glow Dance 5th-8th 5:30-8:30

Jan 25th: IPR Ends

Jan 31st: Progress Reports


Students will start a new concepts and centers with making connection with historical text.

Centers: These centers will include work that visits relationships among events, people, and places of history and how an author writes historical text and its purpose

1. Comprehension Text (Alexander Graham Bell and Dorothea Lange

2. Short Read: "The Civil Rights Movement" with cause and effect organizerand word meaning map.

3. Short Read: "Landed on Ellis Island" is question and answer text with a flow chart organizer for events. Student choice vocabulary.

4. Core Clicks: Students will read, ananlyze, skill work out, and question set on computer through their Scholastic Log In titled "Kids on the Battlefield

5. Independent Read Text Book: Students will choose two sections of the social studies text book to read about and record new information, interesting facts, and questions they may have. (3-2-1)

Social Studies:

Students will spend these next few days designing an advertisement brochure for JA Biztown as part of our final culminating activity. This is done entirely in class. Up next students will analyze primary sources and interpret the meaning of the American Flag and the Pledge. This will lead us into the Bill of Rights in a few weeks.