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Social Studies

Heritage Village Field Trip and Video Project Links:

Heritage Village Preview Video and Video Options

Heritage Village Official Website- Virtual Tour of the Buildings

Example Video- "Newscast" style

How to Use Movie Maker

Geography Links

Information on Landforms

Pictures of Landforms

US Climate Map

Weather Channel Climate Comparison Graphs

Natural Resources on Fact Monster- Click here to find more specific information on a certain states natural resources

FEMA for Kids- Map of the USA, and what natural disasters occur in that state 

Natural Disasters- Earthquakes, flooding, forest fires, and volcanoes are explored here

Celebrating Holidays WebQuest

Take an online journey and learn more about Christmas, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, and Kwanzaa.

State Report Links

State Research Links

Cool Facts About Each State

State Facts- A to Z Learning

State Symbols

Map of United States Regions

United States Map

2010 Population by State

States Official Websites

Landforms of the Unites States - Click on your state, then click on the map that comes up and click on the white button to make the map bigger!

Bodies of Water in the United States - Click on the name of your state, then click on your state's maps, and look at a physical map to determine the major bodies of water. 

United States Climate Comparison Graph

US Climate Map

Interesting Facts About Each State!

Things to Do.com Interesting State Facts

Even More Interesting Facts on Each State!

Timelines Links

Timeline Machine- Make a timeline about Dallas History

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