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Daily Work and Assignments

Clicking on the links below will link you to pages listing class work and homework you may have missed in your absence.  This is also a resource for you just in case you forget what your assignment was when you get home.  In some cases, the worksheets provided for homework are uploaded as an attachment at the bottom of each week's homework page.

Plans are here on a weekly basis and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  Please check your child's agenda.  



About Me

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my class.  I know we'll have a great year together!  This is my 9th year at NCJHS and I love it.  I have taught everything from 6th Grade Reading to 8th Grade Reading and 7th Grade Language Arts to 8th Grade Language Arts.   I also teach 8th Grade Keyboarding.  I'm a 2002 graduate of Eastern Illinois University and obtained my Masters Degree  in May 2009 through the University of Illinois at Springfield.  

My family and friends are very important to me.  I have three siblings.  My sister, Shannon, is the oldest, has been married almost 17 years, and works at Lake Land College in Mattoon. She and her husband are the proud parents of twin girls, Madison Diana and Mackenzie Jacqueline.  They will be two in September.  They're the best!!!! My brother, Sean, is almost 24 and is a second year law student at St. Louis University.  I have another 23-year-old brother, Cory, that lives in Texas and is also in college. 

I have lots of hobbies and interests.  I love to read (go figure!), watch movies, listen to music, and spend time with family and friends.  My greatest passion, however, is traveling.  I've been to tons of different places like the Caribbean, England, Ireland, and Whales.  I've also been all over the United States including Hawaii.  I love traveling with my students as well.  Some of the adventures I've been on with them are trips to Washington, D.C.; Providence, Rhode Island; Boston, Massachusetts; Orlando, Florida; New York, New York; and Chicago.   I love going to new places and exploring new things. 

Some exciting news that happened to me this summer is that I got engaged!  This summer has been a very exciting, but busy time.  My fiance' and I will be getting married July 5, 2014.  

My Schedule

  • 1st Hour........7th Grade Reading
  • 2nd Hour.......Prep
  • 3rd Hour........7th Grade Reading
  • 4th Hour........8th Grade Reading
  • 5th Hour........7th Grade Study Hall
  • 6th Hour........RtI
  • 7th Hour........Lunch
  • 8th Hour........8th Grade Reading
  • 9th Hour........8th Grade Keyboarding
  • 10th Hour......Study Hall

Sites of Interest

North Clay Schools - www.northclayschools.com


North Clay Teachers' Blog Links -  http://www.wabash.net/~northclay/ncjhs/faculty.htm


Keyboarding Practice Sites:


Textbook Links

Your textbook is available online at www.classzone.com or click on the links below to go directly to your book. 



7th Grade                                               8th Grade




In order to access the online version of the textbook, you must create a student account.  When creating a student account, it will ask you for an activation code.  Use the codes provided below for your grade level.

  7th Grade Activation Code: 2297313-400

  8th Grade Activation Code: 2297313-600

If you have a problem creating an account, please see me and I will be glad to help you get an account set up. 

Updated Grades

I update grades in student's agenda books every Monday (or the first day of every week).  Parents, please check you son's/daughter's agenda book and sign it.  I check for signatures on Tuesdays and give a bonus point for having it signed.  These points add up and are helpful when needed!


Scholastic Book Clubs - Online Ordering

This year I am making ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs accessable online.  I will still hand out flyers in the classroom, but now you can choose to order online or bring them in to school. 


Here's how it works:

  1. Create an account on the Scholastic Book Clubs Website.
  2. Use the onetime class activation code to access the availible book orders.
  3. Browse the titles with your child, and place your order with your credit/debit card.
  4. Yor order will still come to me, and your credit/debit card payment will go directly to Scholastic's secure server.  There's no need to send money to school.
  5. After I submit the entire class's order (you can still turn them into me if you wish) to Scholastic, your order will be delivered to our classroom for your child to take home.

Activation Code: GR8PT




Fever 1793 WebQuest




Diary of Anne Frank WebQuest


 Exploring the Titanic Web Info


Click the link below to answer the questions on your worksheet:



  • Using the information you gathered on your worksheet, write a one to two page story from the perspective of a survivor of the Titanic tragedy. Tell who you are, how old you are, who you were travelling with, why you were on the Titanic, and what class of passenger you were. Detail your feelings during the evacuation, as you witnessed the sinking, and when you were rescued by the Carpathia. Use description.  Use description and dialogue.  Transfer the skills I KNOW you're working on in language arts to what you do here in reading.  Be creative!  I can't wait to read what you come up with. :)

 9/11 10th Anniversary Video





8th Grade Intro to Unit 2 - Episode 1


Digital Story - Thanks for the Memories


Thanks for the Memories

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