Local Pageant

Miss College Station 2008

Nicole Golyer

Miss College Station Scholarship Pageant - A Local Preliminary to the Miss America Pageant


Nicole's Platform is:   



 Starts Here":   








Nikki Golyer has been a Volunteer for several years with:


                ARTreach in partnership with ARC of Katy, Fort Bend, Sugar Land, The Woodlands & Harris County.

    ARTreach is developing an art and service program for ARC of Area  (Association of Retarded Citizens).

      This ARTreach program introduces the students of ARC to the visual arts and performing arts thorough weekly art lessons and demonstrations.

      The program includes professionally driven dance, drawing, painting and sculpting workshops for the students and includes field trips to local artist’s studios.

        ARTreach is incorporating volunteer service opportunities for the ARC students and junior high and high school students in the area.

       ARTreach offers programs and services to all counties adjoining Katy, this includes Harris, Fort Bend and Waller Counties. Programs and services are available to social service agencies and ISDs in these counties. Contact Katy ARTreach for more information (281) 392-5341

          Interested Donors may designate funds to support a specific project, agency or population (troubled youth, children at risk, victims of crime, special needs, elderly).

 *  Interested Volunteers may contact Nikki Golyer.  *





As the oldest county-owned junior college in Texas, Blinn is entering their 125th year providing education services in south central Texas and currently rank 11th in size among the 50 college districts in the state.

Bryan Campus

Blinn has offered classes in Bryan-College Station since 1970 and now encompasses more than 80 acres with state-of-the-art learning facilities. This vibrant community where college and culture go hand-in-hand is host to more than 50,000 Blinn and Texas A&M students.



College Station  & 

Texas A & M University

     The City of College Station is a young municipality, with its beginnings in the founding of Texas A&M College.  Texas' first state institution of higher education, the College was inaugurated in 1876.

        Because of the school's isolation, school administrators provided facilities for those who were associated with the college.  The campus became the focal point of community development.  The area was designated "College Station, Texas" by the Postal Service in 1877.  The name was derived from the train station located to the west of the campus.

      Growth of both the community and college influenced residents' desire to create a municipal government.  The City of College Station was incorporated in 1938. 



Spring Meeting

Miss Texas Org.


Nikki Golyer

being Introduced


Spring Meeting at

Miss Texas Organization 

Fort Worth, Texas.



 Hospital Visit


Visiting children who are patients at Texas Children's Hospital.










         Miss College Station 2008    

               Nicole Golyer                


                                              Nikki Golyer


 ARTreach is developing an art and service program for ARC of Katy, Fort Bend, Sugar Land, The Woodlands & Harris County  (Association of Retarded Citizens).




Blinn College 


 Nikki attends Blinn College where she is a Freshman.


GOAL: Become an advocator for Texas Council on Family Violence.

 Award: Brittany Whalen Rumsey Award of Excellence for volunteering with domestic abuse victims (2007) 

 Award: Volunteer of the Year for Katy Art Reach (2007)

  Raised  $1,300 for Katy Christian Ministries’ Domestic Abuse Center (2007)   

 Wishing Nikki Good


Luck!  Best Wishes!

 Miss Texas Pageant


July 5, 2008

Fort Worth, Texas


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Executive Directors:

Amanda Perry & Connie Brady

Nikki with her Directors Connie and Amanda.

The New Miss College Station 2008 Crowning Night


Texas Children's Hospital in Medical Center Houston, Texas