Click's Corner

Welcome to Miss Click's Class!

Here you will find a multitude of resources geared toward parents of children, teens, and adults with disabilities.  I teach students with severe, profound, and multiple disabilities and those with severe autism so many of my resources are geared toward that level, but there is a lot of information to meet everyone's needs.  If you have additional questions about resources or need assistance locating something I may not have posted, please do not hesitate to email or post a comment to ask!        ~Miss Click  :)

Sidebar Resource Descriptions

  • Tidbits of Information - sample copies of parent letters, forms, & back-to-school info

  • Tidbits of Knowledge - articles I create for parents covering a multitude of subjects related to education of students with severe disabilities & autism

  • Click's Symbols - PDF files of Boardmaker boards & picture symbols. If you own Boardmaker and would like access to the bm file format for anything, please ask & I will share! If you see something you can use, but need a few tweaks, I'm happy to do that (even if I don't know you!) - Again, just ask!!

  • Resources - links to everything you could ever want to find online about disabilities, special education, materials, activities, transition, advocacy, and hundreds of other topics. The links are categorized and explained on the page. If you find a broken link, please let me know so I can update the resource ASAP! Also, share any great links you find so I can list them for other parents/professionals!

  • Parent IEP Binder - copies of information I supply my students' parents in a giant binder! Also links to numerous sites with information about advocacy, special ed law, transition requirements, adult services, etc. Everything you need to know but nobody remembers to tell you!  Samples of various data collection forms are also shown here.

  • Miss Click's Students - links to online games (many switch-accessible and others that are not switch accessible), activity ideas (categorized by season), and sites of interest geared toward students. Remember to always try out new online resources WITH your child until you are confident of its content and appropriateness!