Parent Page

Remind is a great way to keep informed about school and classroom happenings.  It is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers share important updates and reminders with students & parents.  If you would like to sign up to receive text messages from Mrs. Lohr, send a text to @mrslohr20 with the numbers 81010 or email  All personal information will be kept private. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you see theirs.  You can unsubscribe from the service at any time.  I can send a text to everyone signed up for the group or you can start a private conversation with me as well during certain hours of the day.

Remind is a great way to keep the lines of communication open between you and I.  I also use it to send pictures of our learning in action as well as anchor charts of our lessons so that you can continue discussions on them at home!  I can't encourage you enough to join -- all parents and guardians are welcome!

Scholastic Book Orders
Each month, you will have the opportunity to order great books for your child online from Scholastic.  Books will be delivered to our classroom within 7-14 days.  Follow this link to place an order Our classroom activation code is H6LPC.

The Baldwinsville School District grading scale for assessment is as follows:

4= Student is exceeding quarterly progress toward grade-level expectations 
3= Student is successfully meeting quarterly progress toward grade-level expectations. 
2= Student is progressing toward quarterly grade-level expectations. 
1= Student is experiencing difficulty with quarterly progress toward grade-level expectations
NA = Not Assessed


I truly appreciate the parent support that goes on at home when it comes to homework, especially when we have video games and TV shows to compete with! 

The most important homework you child will ever do is to READ.  Please do not skip this homework!  You can read to your child, they can listen to a story, and they can read independently.  All are great to help your growing readers improve.  Once the year gets under way, you child will bring home a reading folder with good fit books from school.  These books should be read at home and returned to school each day so that we can continue working with them during small group reading time.

Students will take home math homework approximately 2-3 nights of the week, depending on student readiness.  It will always be on blue paper, unless otherwise noted.  This homework should be seen as a way to practice the skills we are learning in school, as well as to build work study habits.  Students should be capable of completing their assignments with minimal assistance from you.  Please use your judgment when assisting your child - if you feel they are struggling, frustrated, or have spent too long on an assignment, feel free to write a note on the assignment and stop them.


We will have time for a small, healthy snack each day.  Please be sure that it is something your child can open independently and eat in about 5 minutes time...just enough to keep our bodies fueled for learning the rest of the day.  No need for a drink during snack time, we are lucky enough to have a water fountain in our classroom or kids can bring water bottles to school.  Also please make sure it is clear to your child that this is their snack, so that they don't eat it during lunch :)

In our classroom, instead of sending birthday treats for everyone, we have a tradition called "Birthday in a Bag."  A few weeks before your child's birthday, the bag will be sent home with a reminder letter.  On your child's birthday, you can send the bag in with his/her birthday treats and trinkets (cookies, candy, markers, fun erasers, school supplies, etc.)  The lucky birthday kid will get to open the bag during snack time when we sing "Happy Birthday!  Additionally, your child will be adorned with a birthday crown, pencil and book to make sure their day is extra special!

If you are looking for student contact information to organize out of school birthday parties, please refer to the Class Directory that will be sent home at the beginning of the year.  This will have contact information of all students in our class, as long as it has been authorized by the parents.

Water Bottles
We are fortunate enough to have a water fountain in our classroom, so water bottles are not necessary.  Students are free to use the fountain as they need, except during whole group instruction or when learning in a small group with me.  If your child wishes to have a water bottle at his/her desk, that is fine too as long as it does not become a distraction to them or others.

Field Trips

We will have one off-site field trip this year to Hospital Land in the Spring.  This is always a memorable experience for the children.  Details and requests for chaperones will follow as the date approaches. In addition, there are many other special events we will be participating in at Elden School!  Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses.

Names to Know
There will be many other important adults interacting with your child at school.  Here are some names to know, if you don't already:

Mr. Coughlin - Elden School Principal
Mrs. Dwyer, Mrs. Arlukiewicz and Mrs. Elliot  - Elden 1st Grade Teachers
Miss Riggs and Mrs. Lang - school social worker and psychologist

Mrs. Connors, Mrs. Duester and Mrs. Calabrese - Reading Teachers

Specials Schedule 
Day 1 - Art with Mr. Loring
Day 2 - Music with Mrs. Kahl
Day 3 - Library/Media with Mrs. Gaworecki and Mrs. Lesser
Day 4 - Physical Education with Mrs. Kanoza

**We WILL have specials on half days of school.  If there is a snow day, we pick up where we left off the next day.

Supply Lists

These were sent home earlier.  If you need an additional copy, you can find it on the Elden Elementary School homepage.