Classroom Management

In our classroom, we will often talk about the Golden Rule - Treat others the way you want to be treated.  This rule will apply throughout our lives, both in school and out.  We hope that it is a guiding principle for everyone we meet. 

We will also discuss three specific rules and work together to understand just how they apply to our classroom each day.  These rules will create a safe, comfortable classroom in which all students can learn and grow into their full potential.  These rules are also a large part of Elden School.  You can see specific examples of what each rules looks like at various places in our school by clicking here.  We will spend a lot of time this year discussing these rules and expectations -- please take some time at home to review them as well!


1.  Be Respectful.

2.  Be Responsible

3.  Be Safe.

Super Improver Wall
Positive behavior will be praised and rewarded in our classroom.  Students making great choices will earn "Super Improver Dots" and work their way up ten different levels of awesomeness!  The wall is personal and unique to each student, encouraging super improvement from all kids!  When "leveling up" students will take home a special certificate as well as earn a class privilege.  Privileges are
highly sought after among first graders!  Students can choose from several privileges including, but not limited to: stealing the teacher's chair, bringing in a "pet pal", and having their own personal "hat day"!  Leveling up should be celebrated and recognized at home as well! Be sure to ask your child why they earned a Super Improver Dot that day, or how they can plan to earn one the next day!