New website!!

My website has moved! I will no longer be updating this one. My new site can be accessed directly here:

You can also access my new site through the high school home page in the same way you would have accessed this one (middle & high --> course pages --> Miss Balistrieri)

Just a quick overview- every class is linked above. I will directly post homework assignments, other documents, and important information specific to each class on their corresponding page. I update this site often, so please use this as a tool to stay up-to-date with what is happening.

I will do my best to use the calendar to the left for major reminders, such as tests and project due dates. Simply click on a listed event to get more information about it. However, to get more info about what happened each day in class, click the tab above titled, "This Week."

As you use my site, if there are any problems or bad links, please let me know so I can fix the problem ASAP.

Just for fun- a site that seems to be popular among students :) Virtual knee surgery  MORE virtual surgery here too!!

Another awesome site- live webcams of various animals. So neat!

Phone: 608-822-3245 ext 3503

Where to find me:
1st hour- Science 7
2nd hour- Science 7
3rd hour- Science 7
4th hour- Prep
5th hour- Biology
2nd lunch- I leave

6th hour- Anat/Phys
7th hour- Prep
8th hour- Biology

I usually arrive at school by 7:30-7:45 and stay until about 4. I tend to leave for lunch to take care of my dog. However, I can come early, stay for my lunch period, or stay late any day that you need me to- just let me know in advance!