Our World Is In Danger! Can you help?

Help! Our world is in danger because we are impacting on our environments in a negative way. This means that there are some things that we do and that everyone else does in the world which can harm our plants, animals, oceans and lands. For the completion of this WebQuest it is your job to first of all understand what our environments are? What are the negative and positive impacts that we have on our environments? and What can we do to help reduce our negative impacts on our environments. This last question also refers to the word sustainability which means to help make our world a better place so that people in many years to come can enjoy our world just as much as we do now!
 The link below will take you to a website which talks about environments. Read through the information in groups of 3 or 4. This information will help you understand what an environment is, why our environments are important and how we can help save our planet.
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The Grata Foundation - From around the world - gratafoundation.org

The Grata Foundation - From around the world. gratafoundation.org