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Photo Gallery


National Intervention


Kalungui (Hug) to Uíje


The House in the World 


Ways of Dreaming - 1st workshop - body expression

                              2nd workshop - music

                              3rd workshop - painting

                              4th workshop - criativity and recycling


Stand-Up! 17Oct07 -  Cheira´s Kindergarten (Penacova)

                                Professional and Artistic School of Marinha Grande (EPAMG)

                                Secondary Artistic School António Arroio (Lisboa)



River Project - Barcarena River -   General Workshop - 31st of March 2007 

                                                                  Detail Workshop - 19th of May 2007

                                                                  Detail Workshop - 27th of October 2007

                                                                  General Workshop - 1st of December 2007

                                                  Detail Workshop - 8th of June 2008

                                                  Detail Workshop - 14th of February 2009


Human Rights Week 


Earth of All           



Internacional Intervention


Assessment and Analisys of the Sanitation Problems on the Municipality of Uíje - Angola


River Project, Uíje - Angola


Project Training and Building - Camabatela, Kwanza North, Angola           

                                                                       Reality Assessment

                                                                       Project Execution