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Who are We


       The Organização Missanga – Association for the Promotion of Education and Culture – was born in Portugal, in March 2006, from the will of a group of people that believes that it’s  possible to  materialize  the  wish  for  a less unequal world on a structure that promotes the    development in a wide range of areas.


       Missanga pretends to promote projects that can develop the most needed areas among  the

populations, mainly on the fields of education and culture.


      The Organização Missanga is  based on  values of mutual respect, impartiality and social justice,  honesty,  transparency  and  solidarity, developing  their activities on the respect for the   Declaration of Human Rights.



Why Missanga (Glass-Beads)?



       Several glass-beads make a string of different colours, where diversity and complementary get together strengthening each other, creating something beautiful and strong.


        Our definition comes from what composes us:











 * in portuguese


       And for the colours of the 5 continents, while revealing our availability for the world.




    Based on the definition on the Chapter I, article 3 of their Regulation, the Organização Missanga  has  as  their  goals  the conception,  implementation and support to programs and projects of social, cultural, educational, environmental, civic, technical and economic character in  all  levels  of  society,  in  Portugal,  on  the European space, on the countries of Portuguese expression and on the less developed countries.


       The  Organização  Missanga  also  recognizes  as  their goal the sensitization of the public opinion  for  the  need of having an engaged relationship with the less developed countries, as well as the diffusion of their needs.


       The Organização Missanga, aware that education and culture are essential aspects for the total development of societies and for the existence and strengthening of peace, assumes the promotion of these goals as fundamental basis on their activities.


Organizational Scheme