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How to Help


Financial Support



The Organização Missanga, being a nonprofit of public utility organization, develops it’s projects with financings and donations from enterprises, privates and other institutions.


You can make your donations through bank transfer for the IBAN PT50 0035 0614 00006937930 19 of the Portuguese Bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos or send a cheque on behalf of Organização Missanga to the following postal address: Rua Prof. António Rosa Rovisco de Andrade, nº3 – 4ºD, 2715-073 Pêro Pinheiro, Portugal.


In Portugal, Private and Collective Entities that make donations to Non Governmental Organizations benefit from the State Budget Law nº 53-A/2006 from 29th of December that guarantees special fiscal benefits.


The Social Patronage Law (Law number 74/99 from 16th of March) defies that all donations are deducible in taxes. So that we can send you a receipt of your donation, please inform us of your full name, address and fiscal number.



Human Support


Eventhough  the   importance  of  the  financial   support,  the  Organização  Missanga  believes   that   human availability and the will to intervene must be used in order to help those who need the most.


Therefore, we ask everybody that is not indifferent to the world surrounding us and those who want to have a more specific involvement in society to get in touch with us.


We are available for any suggestions and look forward for future contacts!