Battista Bucks Bank

Remember that you can earn Battista Bucks for many things! 
(Including but not limited to:)
Completing morning journal question
Volunteering to share your journal aloud
Random acts of kindness
100% on a test or quiz
Extra effort
and last but not least... best bee-havior!

The Bank of Battista is open for you to cash in your Battista Bucks each morning.
Here are your options:
eraser - 2 bucks
pencil - 5 bucks
borrow a book to take home - 10 bucks
take and print a picture with a friend - 15 bucks
read your favorite (short) book to the class - 20 bucks
share your favorite school appropriate song with the class - 25 bucks
extra computer time - 30 bucks
lunch with the teacher - 35 bucks
switch lunch tables - 40 bucks
choose your seat - 45 bucks
homework pass - 50 bucks
sit at the teacher's desk for a day- 75 bucks
whole class movie - 500 bucks
whole class party - 1,000 bucks