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PANDEMIC SURVIVAL GUIDE (posted 5/24/2020)
comrade stalin's TV blog (posted 6/2/2015)
stalin on hipsters (posted 9/5/2015)

2010: The Year in Preview!

and politicks
"I fornicated with Jackie Kennedy" (posted 11/14/10)
where have all the bees gone? (posted 4/4/09)
Obama announces new "Sensitivity Czar" (posted 3/25/09)
what is "sexting"? (posted 3/14/09)
obama biden laden (posted 2/22/09)
economic dirty talk  (posted 2/22/09)

infotaintment and special fissures

Mr. T interviews webcam sensation Hottie McNaughty!
(posted 5/17/09)

EXCLUSIVE interview with the "Octo-mom" (posted 3/3/09)
diff'rent strokes reunion (posted 2/27/09)
darth vader's diet (posted 2/22/09)
alternate ending to the film taken (posted 2/22/09)

history and assorted propaganda
the story of Easter (posted 4/12/09)
the history of america's great landmarks, part 1—Central Park, NY (posted 3/24/09)
the buddha was a deadbeat dad—shouldn't you be, too?(posted 2/26/09)
the shocking true story of IKEA (posted 2/22/09)


do you have what it takes to be an ad wizard?  take the quiz! (posted 3/2/09)
things that look cute at first but really aren't (posted 2/28/09)
is love stronger than fear? (posted 2/26/09)
what you should do (posted 2/25/09)

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