Research Interests

  • Global Supply Chains
  • Project Management
  • Innovation/Crowdsourcing Contests
  • Public Sector Operations
  • Emerging Markets


Published Papers

  • Menon N, A Mishra, S Ye. 2018. Beyond Related Experience: Upstream versus Downstream Experience in            Innovation Contest Platforms with Interdependent Problem Domains. Manufacturing & Service   Operations Management (Forthcoming).
    • Adbi A, C Chatterjee, M Drev, A Mishra. 2018. When the Big One Came: A Natural Experiment on Demand           Shock and Market Structure in India's Influenza Vaccine Markets. Production & Operations Management                    (Forthcoming)


    Select Working Papers

    • Mishra A, KK Sinha, S Thirumalai, A Van de Ven. 2017. Sourcing Structure and the Execution of Technology               Projects: A Comparative Evaluation of Project Efficiency. Invited for 3rd round of review.
    • Bockstedt J, C Druehl, A Mishra. 2018. Does "Star" Power Help or Hurt Competition? Incentives and Competition in Unblind Innovation Contests.  Under review.
    • Mishra A, D Roy, KK Sinha. 2018. Reducing Wasteful Government Spending: An Empirical Study on                  Rebaselining in US Federal Government Technology Programs.  Preparing for resubmission.
    • Liu, X., A. Mishra. 2018. The Firm Productivity Implications of Technology Licensing: Evidence from Developing        Economy Manufacturing Firms.
    • Adbi A, C Chatterjee, A Mishra. Nations within a Nation: Pandemic, Regional Heterogeneity, and MNC Share of Vaccine Uptake in an Emerging Economy