For fresh production, we prefer to pursue the following steps:

  1. Buyer provides us the Technical and all details of the objective product;
  2. We do the consumption and costing in our office by our own professional, independent of any factory;
  3. We offer the buyer the costing that should be feasible and then, if it is necessary, we negotiate to agree to a price;
  4. We negotiate with the factories that would be interested in undertaking the order at the price that have been agreed upon with the buyer;
  5. We submit to the buyer company profiles of the factories that agree to take the order;
  6. Buyer audits and selects the factories;
  7. We submit the Proforma Invoice;
  8. Buyer issues us TRANSFERABLE LC;
  9. We transfer the LC to the factory; and then
  10. Production process commences.

With respect to stock-lots,

  1. We prefer to work as a commissioned agent – However, we can work also as a supplier;
  2. Buyer selects the stocks;
  3. We submit the Proforma Invoice;
  4. Buyer issues TRANSFERABLE LC;
  5. We transfer the LC to the factory; and then
  6. Upon Quality Control, the goods are shipped.