Proprietor & CEO 

MISHOURI TRADERS (MT), Dhaka, Bangladesh is a TRADING COMPANY, GARMENTS BUYING HOUSE (providing manufacturing and export service), and SOURCING AGENT.

Here in Bangladesh, we are KNIT, WOVEN, and SWEATER garments manufacturing and export service provider. Also, we undertake all kind of trading and sourcing as long as it is covered by our license. However, KNIT is our strongest area.

Of course, in all (including apparel) export-import businesses, it is axiomatic that the suppliers must ensure quality, reasonable price, and timely shipment. And, to this end, we are bound by our commitment and successfully functional by our experienced professionals.

We also confidently announce that, while we have absolutely no compromise with quality, maintaining the highest quality, we are in position to offer possibly the cheapest price in Bangladesh. In other words, if any supplier offers any cheaper price than us, it will have to compromise the quality. – This side of our ability is especially true with respect to KNIT production. And what endows us with this ability is our concrete business relationship and friendly (but professional) interaction with the factories that are to produce the respective products.