MNSP Shoreline Educator Network Listing

The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (MNSP) began training natural resource professionals across the state in 2011 on how to conduct natural shoreline workshops for homeowners and to provide them the tools to do so.  Those listed below have participated in the MNSP Educator Train-the-Trainer program and are willing to conduct natural shoreline workshops/presentations for homeowners utilizing the “MNSP Education Toolkit”.  This MNSP Educator Network was created to connect local natural resource professionals with local people interested in learning how to protect their shorelines. Please feel free to contact someone in your area to see how they can help you and what options are available.   Here is what some of the participants have said about attending a training session put on a by a MNSP Shoreline Educator:

“We are very excited about all that we learned here tonight, before it was something that seemed would be cool to do but we didn’t know where to we feel like we know what we need to know to actually put  a natural shoreline in”—a husband and wife

“This is great, this is a start for making a positive change in our neighborhood, we need more of these shorelines.”—workshop participant

“I’m really excited about this workshop…we live on a lake with hardly any natural areas…we need more natural shorelines”. –workshop participant

“this really puts it together for me, the DEQ guy made the whole permitting process seem really straightforward…to be honest that was the real reason I was on the fence about installing a shoreline…this makes me feel much better about actually planning my project.”—workshop participant

The MNSP is working to expand the MNSP Educator Network to cover all areas of the state.  Additionally, this is not an all-inclusive list of MNSP Educators; it only includes those Educators that wish to be publicly listed.  Please check our website for upcoming events as there may be a homeowner event scheduled in your area.  Also, please refer to the MNSP Library for natural shoreline information.   If you have any questions regarding the MNSP Educator Network contact Julia Kirkwood at or 269-567-3583.

Click here for a flyer about the MNSP Shoreline Educator Network

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