Michigan Certified Natural Shoreline Professionals - Listing

The intent of the Certified Natural Shoreline Professional (CNSP) training and certification program is to promote the use of green landscaping technologies and bioengineered erosion control for the protection of Michigan inland lakes. This program is designed to equip professionals with the tools to better design, implement and maintain natural shoreline landscapes and bioengineered erosion control on inland lakes. To receive a certificate of completion, individuals must participate in classroom instruction, attend the field training session and receive a passing grade on the certification examination. Certification is provided by the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (MNSP) and must be updated every three years through continuing education.
Certified Natural Shoreline Professionals have demonstrated competency in shoreline and near shore soils, plant communities, aquatic habitats, water law and permitting, wave energy assessment and the methods and techniques involved in designing natural shoreline landscaping and bioengineered erosion control on inland lakes. Consult the following list for a Michigan Certified Natural Shoreline Professional in your area.

The title of Michigan Certified Natural Shoreline Professional indicates that the listed individual has successfully completed the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership’s (MNSP) Certified Natural Shoreline Professional training.  The MNSP, its members, and collaborators make no warranty, expressly or implied, as to the individual’s qualifications, professional abilities, or the quality of the construction, information, or services provided.  This certificate does not authorize individuals or companies/organizations to represent the MNSP, any of its members, or collaborators in any capacity. The CNSP program is provided as an educational service of the MNSP.

CNSP Listing December 2014