Dragon Cave

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This is the section I have dedicated to my Dragon Cave goals. I used to have all of my breeding pairs listed here, but the list got too long so I have moved them into their own sections. I will put dragons on those pages that I am willing to breed for others; feel free to request an egg and I will be happy to work out a trade with you. I am happy to gift holiday babies of all types, with the exception of Hollies; those go to friends first, then the AP. You can find me on the DC forums as Riannon, click here to send me a PM there. Please note that I do love lineage project eggs, as well. Thuweds and Dorkfaces are two favorites of mine, though admittedly I only want either nice even-gen or staircase lineages no matter what their parentage is.

Please see the General Info section for details about my scroll rules as well as my breeding & gifting rules. They are extensive, and I do not breed/gift for anyone who does not agree to them beforehand. Thank you for understanding. You will also find a link to my holiday breeding request form,
which is updated and reused for all holiday breeding requests.

All sections are currently under heavy construction as I endeavor to complete them. Please excuse the mess; having the templates in place helps when I start to work on them again.

Thank you very much for stopping by my humble site and having a look.
In the words of some very wise dudes,
Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES!